Strawberry Season in Florida: A Taste of Sunshine

March 12, 2024 by Riley Knott

Agriculture Facts

As winter fades and spring approaches, one of nature's sweetest treats takes center stage in Florida: strawberries. Florida strawberries are a favorite for many, known for their vibrant red color and juicy sweetness.


Florida's strawberry season is at its peak from January through March. With approximately 13,000 acres dedicated to strawberry cultivation, Florida stands as the second-largest producing region in the U.S., second only to California.


One of the unique aspects of strawberries is that they must be picked at full ripeness, as they cannot continue to ripen once plucked from the plant. This means that each berry is carefully selected at its peak, ensuring maximum flavor and sweetness.


Did you know that strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside? Each berry has about 200 tiny seeds, each with the potential to become a new variety.


When it comes to celebrating strawberries, Plant City, Florida, takes the crown as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World. This charming town comes alive during strawberry season, offering festivals and events that honor this beloved fruit and the hardworking farmers who cultivate it.


Whether enjoyed fresh, in a pie or blended into a smoothie, Florida strawberries bring a taste of sunshine to your plate. So, next time you reach for a strawberry, remember the hard work and dedication that goes into bringing this delightful fruit from farm to table and savor every juicy bite.